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The new DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team 2 PSSPP Mod is here for download. Many people who use to play PSP games do know about the best PSP Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team game.

The DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team was officially released in 2010 and was only available for PSP a.k.a Play Station Portable. The Tenkaichi Tag Team was surely a successful game for PSP. Players have really enjoyed the way this DBZ TTT Game was designed & what it was offering at that time.

Best PSP Game The Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team

After the hype & the success of the DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team PSP game, there were rumors that we may be able to see the latest version of this game the DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team 2 which may release on the next generation handheld console Play Station Vita. Sadly, that never happened which was a real disappointment to the Dragon Ball Z gamer community.

The only Dragon Ball Z game we have seen in the PS Vita was the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z. But after all of that happened the Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team was never dead. We may have not seen a newer version of this game but due to its hype, many new mods of this game were started to released & it is still a very famous game because of its mod.


If you also love the Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team PSP game that much, then you should visit my website for amazing DBZ TTT Mods. As we weren’t able to see a new version of the DBZ TTT game officially but here I brought the new DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team 2 which is released by the modders. It is not the official game but it changes the old DBZ TTT too much.

This game has all the things that we always want to see in the Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team game. As the legendary PSP was discontinued some people may still own the PSP but many people don’t have so don’t worry about that.

This DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team game was targeting android gamers because this new game can be playable on Android using the PSP Emulator which is PPSSPP. If you have a Smartphone then you can also enjoy the latest DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team 2 PPSSPP game.

Latest DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team PPSSPP Game

This DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team 2 is much better than the old version because you are going to see many new things in the game. Let me tell you about the characters that are included in this very awesome mod.

You will be able to see all the characters of Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball GT & Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

All these new amazing Dragon Ball characters can also transform into their new amazing forms. Another great thing about these characters is the new ultimate attacks.

There are many new attacks you will see in this DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team 2 game some attacks are taken from the original anime & some are from the original Budokai Tenkaichi 3 PS2 Game.

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Exciting Features About The Tenkaichi Tag Team 2

There is more that you will see in this new version of DBZ TTT. The new maps have been added so the players can enjoy the game by fighting the battles in the different new stages. These places or maps have been designed so amazingly which makes the game look more like an Anime series.

The main thing about the game is its graphics which have been now highly improved & now it is so realistic & badass. This DBZ TTT Mod now has the newly added permanently fixed menu installed within the game. This menu makes the game interface totally new. This is going to be the best Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Mod that you can play on your Android PPSSPP.

Dragon Ball Z Tekaichi tag Team PSP Mod

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I hope many of my visitors are liking the content I’m bringing keep visiting my website I will bring more exciting content. Check out the amazing Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 for Android & If you wanna play the new DBZ Game on PPSSPP check out the best DBZ Shin Budokai 6 PPSSPP Game. For more games other than Dragon Ball Z check out my new website from here.


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  • Extract The New Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team Unlimited Game
  • Open PSP Emulator Then Choose game Destination and Enjoy

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