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Boruto Ultimate Ninja Shinobi Smash Mod ISO PSP

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Boruto Ultimate Ninja Shinobi Smash Mod ISO PSP

Hello Everyone Today I Bring a new naruto game which is boruto ultimate ninja shinobi smash, this is actually the mod of naruto ultimate ninja accel 3. It includes all the new boruto next generation characters with their new ultimate attacks. It includes new game modes selection & new challenge scroll. It also includes new boruto & kawaki with all hokages and all kazekages. The mod also includes the new maps,the textures looks really cool as well. Its the best mod with having no bugs or errors. Feel free to play it & enjoy the experience of new naruto game.


: Nama Game : Narutimate Ninja Accel 3

Platform : Android Genre : Adventure, Fighting, Super Power, Ninja

Mode : Offline

Size : 324 MB/cso

Status : Mod (NS : Ultimate Ninja 5 – Road to Boruto Texture)


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