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Hey Everyone Today I’m Here With The New Ultimate Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai 2 MOD. This is actually thr ultimate mod which means it includes the ultimate characters with their new ultimate transformations. There are many new characters to play with, many characters have their new ultimate attacks, which is an awesome thing. There are much better textures you will able to see, you will really like the texture because it is totally neat and clean. Every character has his new aura which makes the character look more cooler & stronger. You will see the new menu as well. The most important thing of this mod is it’s ultimate characters which includes god goku, god vegeta & god gogeta etc. Ot is really a nice mod make sure to play it out and enjoy.

Game Title;Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai 2

SaveData: 100%

Credits;JJ Games

Image Format;CSO


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1-Download The PSP Emulator From The Playstore

2-Download The CSO & Extract It Using Some Rar App

3-After Extracting Open PSP Emulator Goto Setting

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Click Here to Download

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