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Dragon Ball Z Tag VS PPSSPP ISO Download

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Hello, my dear viewers welcome back to my site today I bring a really exciting game for you. The Game that I bring this time is amazing & so unique the new Dragon Ball Z Tag VS Android PSP Game is here.

You can see by playing this game that it looks really new Game it is the mod but the one you have never seen. Great for you guy’s that I bring an amazing kind of Dragon Ball Z Game.

This is the best Android Action Game that you should not miss. It is so similar to the original Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 which can be run at high graphics on any Android device.

This new DBZ TTT BT3 original mod is such an amazing one of the best & unique that I have brought. Make sure to check out this amazing Dragon Ball Z Game.

Dragon Ball Z Tag VS PSP Game Mod

The New Dragon Ball Z Tag Vs Game

This new Dragon Ball Z Tag VS Android PSP Game is amazing it is the best mod you can get right now. This new DBZ Game has the original DBZ BT3 graphics which makes the Game amazing like the original Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

This DBZ TTT modified version is highly customized as you can see in these pictures that this DBZ Game is fully unique & different.

We always wanted to see these kinds of modified DBZ Games on Android which can be easily played on Android. This is the best alternative to the original DBZ BT3 you can play on your Android Phone without having any kind of issue. This is the PPSSPP Emulator version Game which means you can play it on Android using Emulator.

The Textures in this Dragon Ball Z Tag Vs PSP have also been designed like the original DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3 but look much clear for PSP.

There are a new character’s also added in this mod you will be going to see the same character’s as you see in the original DBZ BT3 PS2 Game. These characters also have the best ultimate attacks that you will be going to see which are so great and looks amazing.

DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi Game Mobile

You will see characters in this Dragon Ball Z Tag VS Game which has been taken from Dragon Ball Z & Dragon Ball GT. But unfortunately, you are not going to see Dragon Ball Super character. Because the Dragon Ball Z Tag VS Game focuses on the original main Dragon Ball Z Series.

The menu has also been newly designed which is the main thing that gave this game a new look. This new menu changes the whole interface of the Game & now it looks so amazing so dope & I know you will love it.

Another new thing about this amazing Android Game is its menu which makes the game totally new. It provides a new interface and makes the look of the game better. The MOD Has Permanently Fixed Menu.

You Can Easily Change The Characters From The Menu You Can Change Then Whenever You want. You Can Find New Maps As Well So You Can Enjoy The Gameplay On Your Hand.

The Menu Have Every Character You Want. It Really Takes An Huge Amount Of Effort To Make These Amazing MODS. Thanks To the Creators For Giving Us Such An Amazing MOD.

There are many more new things in the game I just tell you guys some things so you guys will know how this mod has been created for you & how special it is. If you guys wanna see its full gameplay you can Click this video. If you like it try to share it with your friends & enjoy it.


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How To Install Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod on Android

  • Download The PSP Emulator From The Here
  • Download The ISO MENU Using Any Browser
  • Download Any RAR Extracting App from Playstore
  • Extract The New Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team Unlimited Game
  • Open PSP Emulator Then Choose Game Destination and Enjoy

If You Crash Go to Settings And then System and Deactivate Fast Memory Unstable And MultiThreaded. If Still Facing Issue Watch This Video


Minimum requirements to run

  • Ram – at least 1GB
  • Rom – 16GB
  • Android Version – 5.0 or more
  • File type – iso or cso to play games
  • Emulator – PSP or PPSSPP silver 1.8.0 for no crash