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Dragon Ball Super Tenkaichi Tag Team Survival Universe Mod PSP

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Dragon Ball Super Tenkaichi Tag Team Survival Universe is a new DBZ PSP Game. It is the latest version of Tenkaichi Tag Team with the latest features. This PSP game is the best Anime fighting game that you can play on Android.

Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team Mods are getting better because modders doing an amazing job making them better. The DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team is so outdated game that no one would like to play that way. These Mods make players exciting & make them play because these mods are way better than the original game.


Dragon Ball Super Tenkaichi Tag Team PSP game

The Dragon Ball Super Survival Universe Game is the combination of both Dragon Ball Super & the Super Dragon Ball Heroes. As we all know that SDBH is a new Dragon Ball series. Now you will be going to see the latest SDBH characters in this DBZ TTT Mod.

Along with these Super Dragon Ball Heroes characters, you will also be going to see all the Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power characters as well. These characters are newly designed by the modder just like the Anime style. The good thing is that these all-new characters also have their new super transformations.

This DBZ TTT Super Mod is so great that it let you enjoy the original DBZ anime game experience. In this DBZ Mod, all the character’s attacks have been customized. These attacks are based on the best game DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3. There are also new attacks are there in this DBZ Mod which is exactly like the original Anime.

Dragon Ball Super Hero New Final Gohan

The amazing thing about this mod is it also features new Dragon Ball Super Hero movie characters as well. New Dragon Ball Super Hero characters are there with their ultimate transformations. New Final Gohan is also available as well as the new Picolo from the new Dragon Ball Super Hero Movie.

New DBZ TTT Mod Features

There is also a new menu is installed in the DBZ TTT ISO. The menu lets you enjoy the new interface of the game. The menu is installed within the DBZ ISO which means you don’t need to install it separately.  This DBZ TTT Mod ISO Game is in English which means you will see the original Dragon Ball Anime voices in English.

The New Dragon Ball Vegeta Gods of destruction transformation has also been included in this game. New Ultra Instinct Goku is also there in this DBZ TTT Game. New Super Dragon Ball Heroes Black Goku is also included in this Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod PSP Game.


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More DBZ Mods To Play?

These DBZ TTT Mod Permanent menu helps the players to find the new features, new characters & new transformations. There are also new maps are included in the DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod Game PSP. This is the best Dragon Ball Z Games for Android that have all the Dragon Ball Super & Dragon Ball Heroes characters.

Best DBZ TTT Mods are available on my website. You will find DBZ Mods which include Budokai Tenkaichi 3, Shin Budokai 2 Another Road as well. There are new DBZ Games for Android as well. So, if you like to play these amazing DBZ Games Mods make sure to check out my website.


How To Install Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team Mods on Android

  • Download The PSP Emulator From The Here
  • Download The ISO MENU Using Any Browser
  • Download Any RAR Extracting App from Playstore
  • Extract The New Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team Unlimited Game
  • Open PSP Emulator Then Choose Game Destination and Enjoy

Password is SmarTrixModsv18

If You Crash Go to Settings And then System and Deactivate Fast Memory Unstable And MultiThreaded. If Still Facing Issue Watch This Video