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Dragon Ball Legends Mugen Game For Android Download

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The new DBZ Mugen Game is to download with so many amazing things. This Mugen Game is for Android, you can download the APK & install this Dragon Ball Mugen Game on your Android. This is the Dragon Ball Legends Mugen Game which is based on the original Dragon Ball Legends Android Game.

The Dragon Ball Legends Mugen BVN Mod is a newly designed Android Mugen Game. There are many Mugen games are available on the internet. You will also be going to see All Anime Mugen Games.

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Dragon Ball Mugen Game For Android

Mugen Games

These Mugen Games are designed with the help of the Mugen Game Engine. Mugen Game Engine was released in 2001 which helps the user to customize, create & designed the game menu & characters according to their own choice. This Mugen Engine helps the user to make their own favorite game.

Mugen is a 2D fighting style game with new 2D animations & textures. The Mugen Games is all about the gameplay because the graphics are 2D & they are not as great as other games. M.U.G.E.N Games are famous because of their mechanics its so unique & amazing 2D Style games.

Dragon Ball Legends an Android Game

Dragon Ball Legends is the amazing arcade RPG anime game. The story of the Dragon Ball Legends based on the original newly designed characters which is Super Saiyan Shallot. It is the newest Dragon Ball Z Game For Android Mobiles.

Mugen Games For Android

The Dragon Ball Legends has special 3D graphics with original Anime voices. There are many characters included in the game taken from DBS, DBZ & DBGT. Play the game with an exciting storyline amazing new skills & many new attacks. You can download the Dragon Ball Legends from the PlayStore.

About Dragon Ball Legends Mugen

The Dragon Ball Legends Mugen is offering many new features to the game. The DBZ Mugen Android Game allows you to play with the new 15 Dragon Ball characters with their new amazing ultimate transformations. The sparking Dragon Ball Legends 2D style graphics has also been designed for this Dragon Ball Z Mugen BVN Mod.

You will be going to see different difficulty modes where you can select very easy or the hell mode. The more difficult mode you choose the more difficult game it will be. The Dragon Ball Legends Mugen has many new skills & moves included. You can perform different moves & perform ultimate skills & defeat your enemies.


Dragon Ball Mugen Modes

Team Arcade:- In this mode, you can select your 3 favourite characters for fight & CPU characters will be automatically selected in this mode. The map will also be selected randomly. You can play using the 3 characters & defeat your enemies.

Team CPU:- This mode is the same as the Team Arcade, but the difference is that you also have to choose three characters from your CPU, it will not pick randomly therefore you have to pick your CPU character.

This model also has the same team mode characters which means you will play 3v3 battle in mode. You will also have to choose the map where you want to play.

Single Arcade:- In this mode, your opponent’s character will randomly pick just like the Team Arcade mode one. But the difference here in this mode is that you can play this mode as only single character.

Single CPU:- In this mode, you will select your favourite character and also the character for your opponent from whom you want to fight with. In this mode, you can also select your favourite place where you want to fight.

Training:- This is the mode where you can train yourself to become the best fighter in this Android Mugen Game. You can choose any DBZ character that you like & can train yourself & learn the new skills, moves, and attacks.

Option:- In this DBZ Mugen Android Game you will also see many more things in this option mode. You can change the touch controller style. You can change the difficulty of the game. You can also set the time limit of the battle and many more things. This Anime Mugen APK Game is amazing for Android.

DBZ Mugen Android APK Game

Dragon Ball Legends Mugen Features

  • Amazing Characters
  • New Skills & Moves
  • Ultimate Attacks
  • New 2D Graphics
  • Dragon Ball Legends Style
  • New Touch Controls
  • Original Dragon Ball Super Music
  • Original Anime Voices

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This Dragon Ball Legends is an amazing Mugen-style game that you can play right now. If you are looking for more interesting Mugen Android Games like this keep visiting my website.

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How to Install Jump Force Mugen Android Game

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  • Now you have to install the APK
  • After installation is complete.
  • You are good to play.
  • Enjoy