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Anime Mugen All-Stars is a new game based on all the anime series. Mugen is a new 2D fighting game engine that has been designed by Elecbyte. Mugen games are available on many devices, you can find new Mugen games on Android or on PC as well. The Mugen you are going to see today is for the Anime fans.

Anime Mugen All-Stars is really an amazing fighting game with so many new things are offered. Well, these Mugen has their own type of graphics which is actually cool & different from these advanced games. You can’t compare its graphics with other futuristic games.

Mugen games have their own taste and many people may like it & some people may not. It is fun not really all about graphics you can’t judge a game by only seeing its graphics. These Mugen games are not really famous for their graphics as they are 2D fighting games.


The Anime Mugen is maybe the best 2D Game mostly for Anime fans. This Anime Mugen game includes many Anime series characters. This All-Stars Mugen is a game totally free you can download it & start playing anytime. This Mugen Anime game is fully offline you don’t need the internet to play this game. This Mugen anime game does also have a multiplayer mode which is so amazing.

Many peoples would like to play Mugen on android. Well, I will surely be bringing new Mugen android games soon so you should visit my website. I have uploaded the most famous Dragon Ball Super Climax DBZ Mugen game you can check that out by clicking here.

You can also try Dragon Ball Z Hyper Dimension Mugen for android APK. These DBZ Mugen for android are really amazing games you can play & I will also be going to bring more Mugen APK for android.

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Interesting Things About This New Anime Mugen Game

These Mugen anime games let you enjoy a lot of things. This Mugen game offered many modes to play & also has a lot of new stages in the game. This All-stars anime Mugen game has also contained more than enough playable Anime characters. Dragon Ball Z Anime Mugen games are really amazing & I know many people do really like to play.


You can enjoy all the anime characters in one game. All these Anime characters also have new ultimate attacks which are performed by every single character. You will also try the team vs team mode in this amazing Anime Mugen Game. These Mugen for android & pc are amazingly designed 2D games with a lot of amazing features.

Anime Mugen All Stars Game Special Characters

  • Dragon Ball Super Goku Blue
  • Dragon Ball Super Vegeta Blue
  • Naruto Bijuu Mode
  • Rinnegan Sasuke
  • Luffy
  • Pokemon

There are many more characters that you will be going to see in this Mugen game. Hope many fans are going to love this game. For more Dragon Ball Z Games keep visiting my website will bring more Android Mugen games soon.

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Anime Mugen

How to Install Anime Mugen All-Stars Game

  • Download the game from the link
  • Now you have to download any extracting app
  • After that Open the extracting application & extract the Dragon Ball Z Hyper Dimension Mugen
  • Now you all are done just install the game
  • Enjoy